Training Services

HR Connect offers various training services.  This includes generic training for Interview Preparation (targeting candidates), Time Management (targeting employers and their staff) Customer Care (targeting employers and their staff), and tailored training to suit requests.  These aim at pinpointing the exact needs of each individual client and candidate and so begins with an assessment of needs.

Recruitment Services

HR Connect provides individually tailored recruitment services focused on ensuring organizational fit and top talent. We nurture our relations with candidates and clients to meet expectations of both to ultimately minimize the expense of the recruitment process.

HR Consulting Services

We offer full HR consulting for small and start-up businesses ranging from guidance with organizational structures, job descriptions, industrial relations, payroll and training and development. We provide both the employees and the Human Resource infrastructure your business needs to take off and have a solid personnel front.


In and Out Sourcing Services

We offer both In and Out sourcing services. Should you be looking for more global approach to your business strategy, your talent pool, and or needing remote offices, we can connect you with talent and various partners across Africa and beyond.