Our Industrial Relations division is here to help you with some of the most difficult parts of Human Resources Management. Ensuring your organization is guided by a professional while navigating the legal waters of the HR division, not only allows you to focus your time on the purpose of your organization, but ensure internal relations and disputes are resolved amicably and within the confines of the law prioritising the interests of your organization.


We are here to:

  1. To provide your company with functional and consultative in-house counsel concerning union regulations and actions.  
  2. To ensure your company is in compliance to all labour legislation while staying actively informed on any union negotiations and/or agreements both internally if any and at the National Employment Council level. 
  3. To advise your HR office coordinate all arrangements concerning disciplinary proceedings, inquiries, appeals etc…Ensure all proceedings are accurately recorded, circulated and filed accordingly. 
  4. Support and advise on how to handle all labour disputes and compile adequate information for litigation. Work closely with the company lawyers concerning any issues which have and/or will escalate to labour court and above. To advise your organization on the legal rights and duties of all parties involved, to ensure you make an accurately informed decision.  
  5. Research and recommend on policy formulation and implementation.

We are here to ensure your organization operates within the law and curbs internal issues before.