About Us

HR Connect is a grounded Human Resources Consultancy, specializing in Recruitment, Selection and Placement, Training and Development, Industrial Relations and In and Out Sourcing.

Human resource (HR) consulting, also referred to as human capital advisory or HRM consulting, spans advisory and implementation activities related to the management of an organisation’s human capital and the HR function. The scope of services range from overarching work on human capital strategy to the design and deployment of a compensation & benefits framework down to the transformation of the HR function.

Nicola Matanga Moyo

Founder and Managing Director

Nicola is a young, vibrant, personable individual who likes to get things done. Nicola is a highly experienced and competent Recruitment professional with combined experience in both Human Resources and Recruitment. She has a Bachelors in Social Science, Honours in Sociology and 5 years’ post graduate experience within HR and Recruitment. She has also received certification in Customer Care and Service Delivery. Nicola has both corporate and private consulting experience, where she has enhanced her people and recruiting skills. She has spearheaded an HR training campaign within a corporate organisation where she demonstrated both her HR knowledge as well as strong leadership skills. With vast recruitment experience, Nicola prides herself on her ability to create and maintain relationships within her line of business. She confidently utilizes her strong communication skills and experience in her recruitment vetting process. She has honed her managerial skills through spearheading the recruitment function of an international American organization, as well as concurrently managing the operations and sales of three countries.

HR Connect Our ultimate aim is to empower and to foster excellence – let us help you to invest in your future.